Human by Nature invites you to join the movement for a regenerative future for people, planet and prosperity

As travel companions on a common mission, we set out to walk the pathways together
that reconnect us with nature, that shape meaningful ways of life,
and support sound living systems.

Together, we nurture relations, we breed community, and we sow the seeds for a stronger and more desirable tomorrow.

We hope to be a living exemplar of our values and to inspire others through our ideas, methods, and actions. We are open to sharing our work, and we warmly invite you into our collaborative.

Are you a student? We offer internships, a context for your fieldwork, a case for your project, and theoretical exploration and empirical material for your thesis. Contact us and learn more.

Are you a journalist or communicator? Are you working on a story that might involve us? Do you have a clear idea or are you just curious? Curiosity is a core value in Human by Nature. However mature your idea is or whatever media you plan for, we are happy to be of service.

We encourage collaborative action and transdisciplinary knowledge production. We celebrate diversity and welcome collaborative project suggestions from corporations, both public and private, and research institutions.

Are you considering facilitation, anthropology, or conscious leadership, or are you about to set up a future lab, initiate transformative scenario processes, or something else, do not hesitate to reach out – we might just have the right competencies for your project to thrive. If not, we open our rich network in order to find the right people for you.

Do you have an idea for a collaboration or a project proposal? If you have an idea for a project, if you are in need of the right collaborator, or if you are interested in knowing more about us and what we offer, do not hesitate to contact us.

Are you a researcher or a research group? We are open to research collaboration. Reach out if you have a research project in mind or if you are curious about how we might collaborate.

We cannot achieve what we want without others, and our vision is full of connection, collaboration, and being part of a living community. ‘Being’ is always a ‘being with’, and our network should be as responsive and vibrant as a thriving living system.


Are you yourself, your organization, your corporation or institute looking for a way to connect, learn, and act? Are you an activist, researcher, corporate leader, or someone just longing for setting out a better and more compassionate course, courageously willing to walk new paths, and curiously learn and share ideas? We invite you to be part of the movement.


Get started through our #desirablefuture initiative. If you would like to listen in or signpost your ideas, we invite you to the #desirablefuture platform. Simply tag your SOME posts and become part of the conversation.

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